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Two Lines of Expertise, One Shared Vision


Two Lines of Business, One Shared Vision

Multrans Invest is a leading wealth management firm and investment brokerage whose professional activities are regulated by the CSSF (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier). Specialised in the financial management of private and institutional clients , Multrans Invest has deep roots in Luxembourg, a top-tier global financial centre, located within the European Union. it offers bespoke client solutions to ensure the development and sustainability of wealth, business and investment security. To respond to constant changes in the market, Multrans Invest now has more than 150 experts working for them in Luxembourg and London, recruited from the largest financial institutions: specialists in wealth management and investment brokerage combining skills and strong values. Independence, Commitment, Human, Reliability and Innovation are the company’s key beliefs.

Our Framework:

Multrans Invest (SICAR) is regulated under the supervision of Luxembourg’s regulatory authority for the financial sector . We hold a license, authorization no. B214453, to act as a Broker, Commission Agent and Asset Manager to the fullest extent permitted by articles 24, 24-1, 24-2 and 24-3 of the Law of 5 April 1993 on the Financial Sector. Multrans Invest (SICAR) is authorized and regulated by The Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) to promote investment advice in various jurisdictions worldwide. Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) regulation number K00000439.

Our story is built with you.


Founding of Multrans Invest SICAR in Luxembourg.


Official opening of the London service office of Multrans Invest.

Our Values


Multrans Invest is a premier operator that prizes its independence. It is wholly-owned by its partners, all of whom are individuals and the corporate capital is privately held. Private ownership ensures the independence and objectivity required in order to advise our clients with the optimal solutions for their needs.


Commitment, discernment, expertise, performance, discretion, precision and process are the foundation to our approach. As each client’s situation is unique, we offer a customised service to meet your goals. These qualities, combined with the professionalism, availability, dependability and discretion of our experts, enable Multrans Invest provide you with top-tier service.


At Multrans Invest, we keep our promises. Our vocation is to accompany you in the implementation and monitoring of decisions, negotiating the most optimal conditions while representing you. To be successful, we have to earn your trust and our experts are committed to your complete satisfaction.

Human Dimension

The balanced relationships within the teams at Multrans Invest allow us to maximise our efficiency. Senior Management encourages open and impartial dialogue, and recognises hard work and exceptional talent, which provides us with the stability needed to focus on our clients


Entrepreneurial spirit is one of the company’s intrinsic strengths, which has always been the driving force behind our constant development. Our strategy is based on the continuous search for innovative solutions: for this, we rely on an international and pluridisciplinary network to provide optimal solutions to the most complex issues​